Welcome to the Living Safely UK store!

Welcome to the Living Safely's store in the UK! Here you can help make your home, travels, work and pretty much everything else in your life safer and more fun!

Can I live to 127?

Well, no, we can't promise that. But what we can do is to provide the information and tools to help you live longer, healthier and happier years. After you're done here, please stop by our main site at LivingSafely.org or our food, product and drug recalls site at Recalls.Direct.com. And, of course, we're also on Twitter @LivingSafely and Facebook. Ready? Let's go!

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Living Safely™ is a global health promotion and delivery non-governmental organization ("NGO"). We provide a variety of lifestyle, education, travel and other books for active people taking charge of their own safety, happiness and health. Through our partners, we also market products that can help you and your family lead safer, happier and healthier lives. Welcome!

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